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its impressive interior of azure stained windows, beautifully carved woodwork, large ornate menorahs and brass chandeliers and cross its unique sand covered floors that remind us of Moses in the desert, leading his people out of Egypt and pay homage to those earliest Jewish settlers, who had to muffle the sounds of their footsteps and prayers when meeting in secret during the Spanish Inquisition, before the fled to Curaçao.
Consecrated in 1732 and well over 280 years old, the Mikve synagogue was modeled after the Portoguese Synagogue of Amsterdam with its high vaulted ceilings, holy ark and pulpit, galleries and benches to serve a community of Spanish and Portuguese Jews from the Netherlands and Brazil. Still in active use by a small but vibrant Jewish community, it is a true testimony to the loving care of its guardians and extremely interesting to explore.