One of the blessings of our Jewish community of Curacao being a cosmopolitan crossroads and destination is the ability to pray with both our local community and our visitors and friends from around the world.

How we worship

We are a liberal progressive synagogue rooted in Sephardic culture and tradition.

We are affiliated with both the Reconstructionist Movement and the World Union for Progressive Judaism.

We pray in Hebrew and English and retain a variety of our traditional Portuguese elements.

We use the Mishkan T’filah prayer book along with our traditional Sephardi Torah service booklet.

All are welcome Jewish and non-Jewish

Prayer Services Protocol

One of the blessings of our Jewish community of Curaçao being a cosmopolitan crossroads and destination is the ability to pray with both our local community and our visitors and friends from around the world. All are welcome – Jewish and non-Jewish. Whether you grew up in the synagogue or this is your first time. We invite you to join us in this sacred space and share with you our protocols to help orient you to our sanctuary and customs.
We welcome visitors to join our services. We expect guests to arrive on time and stay for the full service. We invite you to stay for kiddush afterwards so that we can get to know one another better. Please note there is no drinking or eating in the sanctuary.

Men are required to wear head covering in the synagogue. Women are encouraged to wear head covering and are required to do so when receiving an honor on the Thebah or at the Heychal. Our dress code is casual but neat dress for attendance at our synagogue services. For men, this includes slacks/khakis with a short sleeve dress shirt or polo shirt. For women, we suggest skirt or slacks, blouse that preferably covers up the shoulders. No faded or torn jeans, no shorts, no flip-flops for men or women.

Ritual Attire
  • Head covering (skullcaps) must be worn by men. Women are also welcome to wear a head covering. They are available at the sanctuary entrance, next to the prayer books.
  • A head covering is required for all honors during a service.
  • Additionally, a head covering and tallit (prayer shawl) are required for honors which involve the Torah.
Egalitarian Seating

We are fully egalitarian and have mixed seating. Men and women are able to sit together.


Photography and videography are not permitted during services. If you would like to take photos of the sanctuary, we invite you to return during the week for a tour of the synagogue and visit to the museum.

Thank you for respecting our customs and community and helping to create and maintain our holy space. We cannot wait to meet you and share Shabbat and Holidays together.

Shabbat &
Holiday services

We hold regular Shabbat and holiday services throughout the year and visitors are always welcome to join us.

Shabbat Services

Please join us for Shabbat services each week:

Friday evenings: 18:30 to 19:45, followed by kiddush.

A Family Service is held the second Friday of the month. It is an intergenerational service with stories and activities for young kids.

Saturday mornings: Torah service 10:00 to 12:00, followed by kiddush.

holiday services

We hold holiday services throughout the year.

International Lifecycle Celebrations

While we are transitioning to a new spiritual leader, we are very hesitant to schedule or accept international life cycle events. If you are interested in such an event, we would be happy to contact you as soon as this is again possible – and we look forward to being of service to you then. Please contact us:

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